The CyberSecurity Tournament

A CyberSecurity Tournament is being organized in February for the student registered to the Master in CyberSecurity as well as the Specialized Bachelor in Information Security. Several partners within the industry will be challenging the participants within their respective arenas. This is an opportunity to meet and challenge your potential future colleagues, to have fun, to win prizes and to learn and gain lots of experience. A ceremony will be held after the tournament to congratulate the participants, thank the partners and distribute their prizes. Additionally the winner of the tournament will receive a certificate of accomplishment.

Previous years

Year Winner Partners - Arenas Organizer
2019 Jean-Luc Davenne Trine CyberSecurity, Torch CyberSecurity, CCB, Deloitte, Xiobe, EY, Enisa, PwC, Approach , GData, Kaspersky, Proximus, No Starch Press, ISACA, Colruyt, Euroclear, QualSec, HE2B/ESI, CyberSecurity Coalition Jérôme Dossogne
2018 Florent Robinet CCB, Deloitte, Enisa, EY, GData, Kaspersky, Proximus, No Starch Press, QualSec, Tech You, HE2B/ESI Jérôme Dossogne
2017 Théo Rigas CCB, Deloitte, EY, GData, Kaspersky, SANS Jérôme Dossogne