Looking for an Academic Degree in CyberSecurity ?

Four universities and two University Colleges unite to deliver a unique academic Master in Cybersecurity

Ecole Royale Militaire, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université Catholique de Louvain, Université de Namur,
Haute Ecole de Bruxelles, Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles

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Two years of University courses accessible to holders of a Bachelor in Computer Science, Bachelors in Engineering. Also open to IT Professionals and as a second Master.


Systems and Networks 
Legal, ethics, and human aspects 
Management of the Security
Secure software engineering


 Personal involvement and self- learning of the students through several projects. Also, a significant part of the competences is acquired during the mandatory long-term internship in the industry (typically 12 weeks).

Bloc 1

The first bloc of the program is dedicated to building a common body of knowledge.

Several seminars and optional courses (10 credits) allow to have an up-to-date and living program.

Classes taught in French and English

International environment over 3 campuses (Brussels, Louvain, and Namur)

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Bloc 2

Interneship, advanced topics, and one of the two possible tracks:
1. System Design and Analysis
2. Corporate strategies

Mandatory internship, possibly abroad

4 Universities, 2 University colleges, one diploma

Where to apply ?

You can register today through the ULB Online Application Website

Who Can Apply ? (*)

Full Master

120 credits
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (University)
  • Bachelor in Engineering (University)
  • Master in Computer Science
    (MA60 - industrial engineering)
  • Bachelor in Informatics (University colleges - Bachelor's Degree) (**)
  • (**) with a complement of up to 45 credits

Complementary Master

reduced load
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering
  • 60 credits (one year) of allowance

Experienced Professionals

On record
  • IT Professionals
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • Military IT
  • Law Enforcement
  • Up to 60 credits (one year) of allowance

Frequently Asked Questions

When may I apply ?
Registrations are open between April and mid-October. Apply here: ULB Website

Is it an evening programme ?
No. It is a full University degree. It is thaught 5 days/week and during the day (8:00-18:00).

In what location will the courses being thaught?
The lectures will be given in 3 different cities (Brussels for ULB/ERM/HEB/HELB, Louvain for UCL, and Namur for UNamur). Student spend a whole day on a given campus or city.

When does the Master start ?
Lectures will be starting in mid-September.

What documents / letters / templates do I have to submit?
The relevant documents will be requested as part of the online application.

I have a Master in IT and/or I am an experienced professional. What exactly will be my courses allowances when I apply ?
It depends. During the application you will submit the list of courses you followed in your previous degree. The jury will then determine the courses that can be removed (allowance) from your cursus in this Master.

Would it be posible to spread the cursus over more than 2 years ?
Definitively. Each successfuly passed exam yields the credits for that course. This credit is acquired with no limitation in time.

In what language will the courses be given ?
As of today, courses are 90% taught in English and 10% in French (legal and ethics). English speaking applicants will have the opportunity to substitute the French courses with English ones.

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